Monday, October 19, 2009

Long time...

I've been very quiet as of late.  Lots to say, just not sure how or when to say it. 

There has been alot going on here.  Greg has had some pretty severe back pain, and we are being forced to consider lots of different scenarios, which include me going back to work, and him staying home full time with the babes.  I'm not crazy about the idea, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I definitely am not of the thinking that "the man has to provide for the family at all costs, while the wife sits at home and does wifely duties", so if me going to work is the answer, so be it.

 The one thing that is a definite is that he will have to find a different line of work, something not so physically demanding.  There's not alot out there to chose from for a guy who doesn't like to work indoors.  This is really been weighing heavily on our minds; it's just so much to think about.  He doesn't have a specific diagnosis, other than "it's going to hurt really bad for a long time", so it's hard to plan our future on that.  In the meantime, he's quit his part time job in efforts to let his back heal a bit while still working his full time job, so he's home on the weekends for the first time in 2 years or so.  It's taking some getting used to. 
Halloween is coming up quickly.  I never like it, even as a kid.  However, on Halloween 2006, I found out I was pregnant with Jack, so  I've been a fan ever since.  The kids are going to be Peter Pan and Tinkerbell this year.  Next year, I'm going to figure out how to make their costumes, because costumes are just too expensive.  We will have a busy day that day.  Up North to the inlaws for pictures, and back down here for Trick Or Treating.  Jack hates candy, and Emma is too young, so that leaves whatever candy they get for Greg and I.  Since I have the willpower of an ant, it's going to be hard to stay away.

I've been thinking about my weight alot lately.  I'm too lazy, and too tired, and too stressed out to stop eating.  That's the truth.  My weight is out of control.  I'm 10 pounds away from my highest weight ever..."9 months pregnant with Emma" weight is not a weight I want to be close to now that she is 10 months old.  I just don't know what to do about it. WW is an option, I just have to drag my lazy ass to a meeting.

I started this last night and never got around to finishing it.  I will end it now, as both babies are up (and still sick, it's been a week), maybe I'll write some more later.