Sunday, September 13, 2009


Dreams. If they are the portal to one's soul, than my soul is f'ed up!!

I really wanted to go bungee-jumping, very badly. Once I said that, people got on the ball, and arranged for it to happen. The bungee people decided to come to my parents house (the old house) and dig a hole in the ground into the basement. In the hole that they created, they put a tank of water. High about the hole, they hung a the contraption that I would jump off of. Me wanting to bungee jump turned into a bunch of people wanting to bungee jump, friends and family gathered for their turn. My brother in law was first. He very obviously did not want to do it...but he did...screaming the whole way. After his turn, I went behind this huge partition that the bungee peeps built and sat down against it, instantly knocking it down and ruining the whole setup. I cried. As did a friend of my brother's. That was that.

Until it was time for dream number 2. I was at someone's house for school. We had to answer questions on the book "My Sister's Keeper" and I, in typical Lisa fashion, didn't want to take the test, so I BS'd the answers. My broter in law graded my paper )the same brother in law who bungee jumoed in the last dream) and wrote comments on my test about how e was disappointed in me. As the teacher came around to collect the tests, he saw that I left a few answers blank, so he gave me a slip allowing me to go into the library in the house to get the book so I could finish it. As I went in, I ran into Maryann the "Maenad" (From the show True Blood)and she was giving me the third degree about being in the library, even tough I had permission to be there. I woke up as I was leaving the library, book in hand, and Maryann was spouting off at the mouth about her God and other such True Blood related things.

Okay, so I was talking about True Blood and My Sister's Keeper yesterday, so that part makes sense, and I was texting with my broter in law yesterday, so that makes sense as well.

Anyone care to try and translate? The bungee jumping dream is really sticking with me for some reason...

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