Thursday, September 3, 2009


You can blame my lack of blogging on Edward Cullen.  I wish I knew how to quit you, Edward.

I've had the AC off and the wondows open for just about the whole week.  I love it.  The cool, crisp mornings, and the warm afternoons are truly what I crave.  This is the weather I can deal with all year round.

Fall is rapidly approaching.  Fall, like Spring, are my favorite seasons.  I seem to like the transitory seasons.  Seasons that signify change. Summer and Winter bore me.  They are long, and mundane, and the same, day in and day out.  I like the brief coolness, and crispness that Fall brings.  The fresh, clean air.  The beautiful colors that the leaves turn.  I smile just thinking about it.  It amazes me that someone who is so stuck in the day to day scheduling of everything craves change as much as I do.  Actually, re-reading what I just wrote, it guess kind of makes sense.

I've been thinking about change.  Physical changes.  I'm determined to lose some freaking weight.  I'm wanting 2 wrist tattoos pretty badly.  I'm going to get my hair cut and colored soon.  I'm even tossing around the idea of a random, not so conventional piercing.  I'm too young for a mid-life crisis, so the only reasoning I have is "change".  With the fall comes change, and I'm so ready for it.

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