Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh hai interwebs,,,

So the house is up for sale.  I don't know who knows it, and who doesn't, so I figured I'd mention it here.  Do I want to move? Nope.  I love our neighborhood.  Love the people here.  Love that it's a little community.  However, do we 'have' to move?  Yuppers.  The kids are growing rapidly, and our townhouse seems to be shrinking just as rapidly.  The kids seriously need their own rooms.  They wake eachother up all of the time...way before the other is ready. 

We are looking for a 4 bedroom home in a specific price range.  Hah.  It's comical, almost.  We both love this area, but it's freakin' expensive!!  We've looked in PA, but neither of us really, really want to leave the Jerz.  We've looked about an hour South and there are nice, affordable, BIG houses there.  We are saving that for last resort.  There has to be something here, there just has to be.  We are looking in neighboring cities, too.  The house that we truly fell in love with has been sold, and even though I knew that us getting it was a long shot, it still makes me sad that it's no longer available.  Oh well, c'est la vie.

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