Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wonder Boy, what is the secret of your power?


Those are just a few of the words that I can use to describe the outpouring of love and support for "The Patient".  You know, I dubbed him "The Patient" to maintain some sort of privacy factor for the insanely private Joey.  I was of the thinking that, since he didn't have a Facebook or a blog, I shouldn't broadcast his business all over the internet.  But, getting people involved, and making people aware was what I could do to help at the time.  The more people I had praying, the more I felt like I was helping.  Well, word has gotten out; the identity of "The Patient"  is now known to all.  And what a great thing that has turned out to be...

Thank you to each and every single one of you who have offered your money, your time, your well wishes, your prayers, and your positive energy.  No lie, we can not do this without you.  Thank you to the hundreds, literally hundreds, of people who haven't thought twice about coming out to the first of many benefits being held for Joey.  It's awe-inspiring to know that so many people care, that so many people want to help.  Words really can't describe it.

Let me answer some questions that I've been asked:

Q:"I want to make a donation, how do I do that?"
A:  Quite simply...wait.  We are working on setting up a foundation in Joey's name (which should be finished very soon) and all donations will go directly to the foundation.  All information will be on the website once it is launched.  We appreciate the sentiment, and we will DEFINITELY appreciate any monetary help you are willing to give, but just give us some time to get stuff settled and the kinks worked out.  Also, the P-51 fundraiser is not through the foundation, it's just a bunch of Joey's friends getting together to play music, and raise awareness.  Any questions regarding the show should be directed to the people running it.  If you want to donate money to this particular show, but aren't able to make it, my only suggestion is to give the money to someone you know is going to the show so they can give it in for you.  Or, you can just donate that amount to the foundation.

Q:"I have an idea for an event.  Who can I tell about it?"
A: Well, if you're reading this, you must know me.  So, you can tell me about it!  I will then bring it up to the other members of his foundation, and we will discuss the logistics of it to see if it's something that we would be able to do.  Suggestions are always welcome! Also, if you know of any people/businesses who may want to sponsor a future event, please pass along that information as well.

Q:"Is Joey going to get better?"
A:  My answer to that is a resounding YES!!  He does have a LONG road ahead of him.  He has a couple more surgeries lined up, and not to mention the 6 months of chemo, but YES he WILL beat this!  Yes, he WILL get better.  Yes, he WILL be a cancer survivor.  I know and believe this with every fiber of my being.  Is it going to be easy?  Nope.  But, he will do it.  He will do it because he has the will to fight, he will do it because he has an army that spans across the globe fighting behind him.  He. Will. Win.

I don't think words will every be able to express how grateful and humbled we as a family are.  Really.  It's touching and it means so much that you are all willing to fight the good fight with him...with us.  I told him today that a LOT of people love him and that he is truly a lucky man.  Very, very lucky.  We are all lucky to have you all on our side.

If anyone has any questions about anything Joey-related, please feel free to ask away.  If I don't have an answer, I will GET an answer and give it to you.  I will try my best to keep everyone updated via this blog, via the website, and via Facebook. 

On behalf of the D'Imperio family, I thank you...even though that doesn't seem like enough...

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