Monday, August 24, 2009


I envy those who have found their passion in life.  Everytime I think I find mine; I decide that it's not worth really pursuing.  This has happened many times in my life: baking, singing, ultrasound school, medical transcription school.  I don't know why I talk myself out of pursuing a way to make life easier. 

I really like to write.  I like to immerse myself into what I'm writing.  I love the way what I'm writing comes together.  I wish I would have really paid attention more in Journalism class in high school.  Who knows where I'd be right now.  Eh, probably right here, writing this very blog.  I would have convinced myself that it just wan't worth it.

Being a Mom is a passion of mine.  Music is a passion of mine.  Cooking, as well.  I feel my most comfortable when I'm singing, cooking, or playing with my babies.  I can just see it now, the next TLC reality show, "Lisa the singing, cooking Mom." How freaking cool would that be?

I wrote this letter to the editor about the state of a local park.  I received phone calls praising the letter, endless comments from friends and family about how good it was.  Could this be my new passion? Writing passions in life?  Animals are a passion of mine.  I've been an animal person all of my life.  It just felt write to speak on the behalf of people who care everywhere.  It felt great. I felt empowered.  If I'm being honest, I've been giddy all day because of it.

I will end this now, but I will say to all of you who have found your passion in life: Good for you.  I envy you.  You're very lucky.  I hope to one day join your ranks.

This blog may turn out to be fun...we shall see.

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